We propose that SINAPSE begin as a small "C" center in the fall of 2001, with the goal of achieving the status of an Organized Research Unit in three years. The kick-off event in the first year will be an international Conference to be held at UCLA in November 2001 in conjunction with UC DARNET (Digital Arts Research Network) and CaiiA - STAR (Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts - Science, Technology and Arts Research), which will bring to the UCLA campus twenty researchers in digital media from around the world. In conjunction with publicity for this event, SINAPSE will be announced as a functional entity, an Executive Committee will be chosen and convened, and an Acting Director appointed. A lecture series will also be inaugurated. During this year a formal proposal will be developed and brought to the Academic Senate for its consideration. Also this year the Acting Director will contact all UCLA Centers and Institutes with stakes in digital media and, for those interested in partnering with SINAPSE, begin creating the infrastructure necessary to implement the two-way streaming of events between Centers. The Acting Director will also begin to build a network of UCLA faculty who wish to be associated with SINAPSE and host a few events during this year to facilitate communication and potential collaboration.

The second year of 2002-2003 will be devoted to carrying the approval process for an Organized Research Unit through the Office of the President and the Regents. In addition, a call for fellowship proposals will be developed, the building of an infrastructure between SINAPSE and its partner Centers will continue, and a second interdisciplinary conference will be planned on simulations, interfaces and networks that will begin to build a community of UCLA faculty, faculty from elsewhere in the UC system, and faculty from other universities. This conference will be an important means by which SINAPSE can attain visibility on the UCLA campus and throughout the country.

In the third year of 2003-2004 we hope to complete the process of gaining approval as an Organized Research Unit. This year will be devoted to gearing up for the opening of the SINAPSE Institute's physical facilities in North Campus and South Campus. Assuming approval comes through, this year we also hope to formally announce the SINAPSE internal and external fellowship competitions for faculty and graduate students. The lectures series will continue and grow, concentrating on affiliate faculty but also including an active roster of visiting faculty.

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